Born from necessity, Krav Maga was developed to defend against real-world violence. Based on natural body movements and responses to fear, stress and surprise, Krav Maga is designed to help people be safer. Our philosophy is to combine practical defense with elements of tactical, mental and physical development to create a safe, challenging and fun training environment for all kinds of people. We offer more than a collection techniques: our instructors combine physical and mental conditioning techniques to bring out your best.

Our system is Krav Maga Global, descended directly from the life’s work of Imi Lichtenfeld. KMG’s Krav Maga is an integrated system of self-defense, combat and fighting, VIP and third-party protection. It is the leading system of its kind in the world, known for its practical and realistic techniques and tactics for avoiding, preventing, deterring, or otherwise handling all types of violent confrontations. KMG’s Krav Maga system is continuing to be developed by Imi’s closest assistant, Master Eyal Yanilov, adapting it to meet the changing needs of civilians of all ages, military units, law enforcement officers, and security personnel. It is an evolving system, which provides novel solutions for dynamic situations.

Krav Maga Global is recognized as the single most professional and internationally active Krav Maga organization, having earned the trust of security services and civilian practitioners alike. KMG has professional Global and International Teams (GIT) of instructors, personally selected and trained by Eyal to provide all aspects of the KMG organization’s training services, including civilian, military, law enforcement, VIP protection, air marshals, and SWAT teams.

At District Martial Arts, our instructors are experienced, highly trained and come from a variety of professional and training backgrounds. Combined with other disciplines offered at DMA – such as Thai boxing, BJJ, wrestling – we offer a well rounded and individually tailored range of training programs to suit your busy schedule and training interests.